We are delighted to be able to announce that Student Voice are going to be supporting the DigiEd Dilemmas when we launch next year. Initially they’ll be providing some goodies and treats for us to share with our podcast guests, as well as some give-aways for those submitting dilemmas to the podcast.

Many of us will know first-hand the value of getting students involved in giving feedback to us on their experiences, but it can be challenging to collect and collate large amounts of student comments and analyse them effectively.

Student Voice offers a tool that can be used to automatically analyse student comments. Student Voice is a cloud-based software platform that uses machine learning to label and analyse student comments, allowing educators to focus on improving teaching and the student experience. Student Voice’s models are trained on a large dataset of labeled comments and offer high accuracy. The platform also allows for sector benchmarking and demographic analysis of student comments. Historical analysis of student comments is also possible, allowing for comparison of trends over time.

“We are delighted to be able to support the DigiEd Dilemmas podcast to facilitate more discourse around the enhancement of teaching, learning and the student experience in the modern higher education sector”

Stuart Grey – Founder and CEO –

It is very much an ambition of the podcast to engage with a wide range of “dilemmas” many of which will have a direct impact in the student experience through their engagement with using tools and technologies as part of digital education activities within their institutions. Therefore we hope to have some student voices join us on the podcast also over the coming year and welcome submissions for dilemmas to be discussed from students.

In the meantime we are now seeking suggestions for what dilemmas to discuss, with a view to launching our first official DigiEd Dilemma podcast in January 2023, so if you have any suggestions for topics please add them to our new Padlet. And if you want to be a guest on the podcast then please use the contact form on our website to do that. In the meantime we wish all of our (prospective) listeners a restful holiday period and a prosperous New Year.

* please note that listening to podcasts in the bath is undertaken entirely at the user’s own risk and DigiEd Dilemmas are not responsible for any water damage to devices or headphones!!!

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