The DigiEd Dilemmas

Less of a podcast and more of a “peacast” (as in a peas in pod) and usually less than 45 minutes, these are the ramblings, musings and conversations with a whole range of people, usually working in Higher/Further Education in roles supporting the development of blended/hybrid/flexible education experiences or more broadly digital education (DigiEd). A unique element to this podcast is that DigiEd people can submit in their “dilemmas” for guests to help solve. Often humorous and occasionally useful (or vice versa) this podcast will probably raise more questions than it answers!

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So it seems that this whole ChatGPT thing has caused quite a stir! A number of submissions to the site contact form asked for a podcast conversation on ChatGPT (or other similar text generating AI systems) and not wishing to disappoint our listeners we've dived straight in to it with Episode 2 of the DigiEd Dilemmas podcast.
Phil Moffitt, James Rutherford and Paul Shore join Simon Thomson on the first DigiEd Dilemma podcast where they discuss their experiences and thoughts on Hyflex!
Voices are at the heart of any good podcast and so we are delighted to share that StudentVoice is going to be supporting the DigiEd Dilemmas podcast!

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