Unfortunately no guest this episode so I opted for a bit of a self-indulgent soliloquy on Conscious Modality which I have been working on and would live to get your thoughts and experiences of. So whilst it's just me this time, it is shorter, so go on give it a listen and I'd love to hear your experiences of identifying the value of learning and teaching modes.
In this episode I am joined by Matt East to talk all things ebooks, digital reading, student literacy skills, co-creation and just a little bit about AI (sorry)!
In this episode I am joined (in-person) by Puiyin Wong and Alexandra Mihai with the dilemma that we have all come across - how to get more colleagues engaged in the development of their "digital skills". Spoiler alert! One answer is food ;-)
So it seems that this whole ChatGPT thing has caused quite a stir! A number of submissions to the site contact form asked for a podcast conversation on ChatGPT (or other similar text generating AI systems) and not wishing to disappoint our listeners we've dived straight in to it with Episode 2 of the DigiEd Dilemmas podcast.
Phil Moffitt, James Rutherford and Paul Shore join Simon Thomson on the first DigiEd Dilemma podcast where they discuss their experiences and thoughts on Hyflex!
Voices are at the heart of any good podcast and so we are delighted to share that StudentVoice is going to be supporting the DigiEd Dilemmas podcast!
The DigiEd podcast you've all been waiting for is born! The DigiEd Dilemmas!