So it seems that this whole ChatGPT thing has caused quite a stir! A number of submissions to the site contact form asked for a podcast conversation on ChatGPT (or other similar text generating AI systems) and not wishing to disappoint our listeners we’ve dived straight in to it with Episode 2 of the DigiEd Dilemmas podcast. So sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that both this text and the podcast is all human created (or is it?)!

On this episode we were joined by Liz Bennett and Alex Black.

Liz Bennett

Liz Bennett is Professor of Technology Enhanced Learning in the School of Education and Professional Development. She brings healthy scepticism to bear when considering the role that technology can and should play in supporting learning brought about by working in this area for 20 years. She is particularly interested in ChatGPT because she is Director of Teaching and Learning in her School, so needs to provide guidance and leadership in relation to assessment design and assessment security.

Twitter: @LizBennett1
Linked In:
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Alex Black

Alex is a lecturer in education and English language coordinator at the University of Gloucester. He is also currently a doctoral student with the Institute of Education and University College London where his research explores language learning.

Twitter: @universe_circus

In the podcast I refer to a recent blog post by the Vice President for Teaching, Learning and Students at the University of Manchester, which can be accessed here.

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