Unfortunately no guest this episode so I opted for a bit of a self-indulgent soliloquy on Conscious Modality which I have been working on and would live to get your thoughts and experiences of. So whilst it's just me this time, it is shorter, so go on give it a listen and I'd love to hear your experiences of identifying the value of learning and teaching modes.
In this episode I am joined by Matt East to talk all things ebooks, digital reading, student literacy skills, co-creation and just a little bit about AI (sorry)!
In this episode I am joined (in-person) by Puiyin Wong and Alexandra Mihai with the dilemma that we have all come across - how to get more colleagues engaged in the development of their "digital skills". Spoiler alert! One answer is food ;-)
So it seems that this whole ChatGPT thing has caused quite a stir! A number of submissions to the site contact form asked for a podcast conversation on ChatGPT (or other similar text generating AI systems) and not wishing to disappoint our listeners we've dived straight in to it with Episode 2 of the DigiEd Dilemmas podcast.
Phil Moffitt, James Rutherford and Paul Shore join Simon Thomson on the first DigiEd Dilemma podcast where they discuss their experiences and thoughts on Hyflex!